Vitamins are great for healthy hair

You can improve the health of your hair by making sure you ingest the right vitamins! Vitamins are in many of your common foods and can improve the quality of your life. Not only does it help with your immune system, nail, and skin, but it also has many benefits for your hair. What you can receive from vitamins is thicker, shinier, and smoother hair. Who doesn’t want that? Here I will explain the different types of vitamins and what its benefits are.

Vitamin B:

Most vitamin B’s are important for hair growth. These are B3, B5, B6 and B12. B3 (Niacin) is essential for a healthy scalp with good circulation. You can find B3 in fish and chicken. You can find B5 in eggs. B5 can prevent grey hairs.

Vitamin A:

This is an antioxidant that improves hair texture and sheen. “Vitamin A assists in producing sebum in the scalp, which leads to healthy oils throughout the hair. A vitamins are available in supplement form, and many foods are also rich in A vitamins, including spinach, broccoli, cheese, cabbage, peaches and apricots.”

Vitamin E:

Helps with the appearance of hair. It helps with oil production and is very essential for the scalp. Vitamin E is found in soy beans, nuts, and beans.