Don’t forget your roots. Try these professional hairstyles for work.

It is often heard that curly hair should be straightened to look more professional. There is a common view that curly hair looks too untamed and wild for a professional setting. For those of you who spend so much time straightening your hair to keep your boss happy, I am here to tell you there are options. There are several hairstyles that are acceptable at work, but stays true to your natural ways.

1. The bob is a great look. It shows off your curls while giving you a professional grown up look. This might be a good choice for you. Maintaining a bob requires frequent visits to the hair salon to get cuts, which in turn will make your hair healthier. This cut is good for square, oval, and long faces.


2. Braids can look anywhere from casual to elegant depending on how you dress it up. It is tamed and tucked away from your face giving you a clean look. For long hair braids can be trendy and look very appealing at work.


3. High buns are my favorite. It is easy to create and can be done if you have no time to do anything else with your hair in the morning. what’s best about the bun is that it is so effortless but at the same time it can look so elegant.


5. Hair accessories can be fun. Anywhere from bobby pins, to head bands, and much much more, you can decorate your hair to make it look lavishing. There are so many bows, ribbons, and ties you can choose from to create the exact look that you want.



It’s not just for them. Try the Ombre

The ombre hairstyle has been growing in popularity in the last year. I personally think it looks great when it is done properly. There has been concern whether it is difficult or not for curly girls to get this hair do. Some hairstylists convince their clients that they should pick a different hairstyle because it is too hard to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged. There is always a way. Either find another stylist who is skilled enough in doing ombre’s or practice the art yourself 😉

Social media sites like youtube have made it easy for lay people to learn techniques just by watching a video. Hair tutorials can be found all over the place. The ombre is now another thing that can be learned in a few minutes and then be put to use. You save money and time. But be aware that certain videos are made by people who are not experienced, and following these steps may result in sever hair damage. The ombre requires the use of hair bleach, which can be very damaging. You must pay special attention to how you apply the bleach and how long it is applied for. If you decide to do the ombre on your own, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients that are in the products. Dip dying is a new trend that is an easier process than the full on color process. It is inexpensive and takes a shorter time.  For a step by step process in how to do the dip dye Ombre cick here Ombre Dip Dye 

Here’s a tip to get the natural curly look

For the girls who need a quick fix in accomplishing nice defined curls, I am going to teach you how to style your hair so that your curls look natural, but spectacular at the same time. This tutorial is for the girls who know that their pretty curls are in there somewhere but they are being disguised by frizz, flatness, and other things that are keeping it from looking its best. Remember, just like any other hairstyle that you do not wake up with every day, this is TEMPORARY. (At least until you obtain healthy curls, which is only achieved with proper care). The healthier your hair gets the less styling products you will need to use. But for now, here is a trick to making your curls look great.

After washing apply either styling gel, mousse, or both all over your hair, making sure that you evenly disburse it. The gel will keep your curls tight and will take away frizz. I add a mousse on top of the gel because it makes my hair a bit softer and it prevents it from becoming too hardened. After adding the gel and mousse, I scrunch my hair so that every strand is curly. Some of us curly girls tend to have straight hair when our hair is wet. Scrunching it will give you nice curls. For my preference, I put a little bit of volume hair spray because I like my curls to look full. After applying the products blow dry your entire hair until it is fully dry.