Try out Alicia Keys Ponytail braid look

curly-ponytailsI love what is going on in this picture! Alicia Keys is showing off her beautiful curls, something she does not do often. She has her hair pulled up into a ponytail and accented the sides with braids. This look can be tried by you. It is simple but cute. If you girls are tired of doing the same old styles, try this funky one for a change. Here is a step by step process on how to achieve this look.

1. Part your hair at the crown of your head from ear to ear. Pull the back of your hair into a ponytail to get it out your way

2. Make three parts with the front of the hair that you left out. The side parts will be where you braid your hair and the middle part will be the Mohawk part. Put the middle part into a ponytail or bun for now so that is out your way.

3. Part and cornrow the sides of your hair. Make as many braids as you want. Cornrow from the front of your hair to the crown of your head.

4. Now, take the mid section of your hair and pin it to make an illusion of a Mohawk. You can do this by pushing up the hair.

5. Grab the rest of your hair and make a ponytail. To define the curls use gels or mousse.


The Big Braided Bun.

I found this creative hairstyle on Pinterest while searching for new looks to show you guys. Even though the girl in this tutorial is not a curly girl, this is still a great look that we can all pull off. It is easy to do and is not time consuming at all. This is great for when our curls aren’t cooperating. When we want to just tie our hair up, this would be a fun way to approach the bun. Try it out!

“1. Take a one inch section on top of your part and split  into three. This is the start of the Dutch braid (or inside out braid).

2. Cross the right piece under the middle, then the left  piece under the right, forming a braid. When you cross the middle section under,  add in some hair.

3. Continue braiding and only add in hair on the right side.  So when you cross under from the left side you don’t add in any hair. Angle  your braid along your hairline and over the top of your ear. Stop adding in hair  when you pass your ear. Finish the braid and secure with a small clear  elastic.

4. Stretch out your braid! To get this big dramatic  braid, you need to gently pull at the sides of your braid to widen it.

5. Gather the rest of your hair into a side  ponytail,  next to your braid.

6. Use a hair donut to create a large side bun.

7. I teased my ponytail to make it bigger before wrapping it  around the padding and pinning underneath.

8. Then wrap your braid around the base of your bun and pin  in place. Add a spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to go!”


It’s not just for them. Try the Ombre

The ombre hairstyle has been growing in popularity in the last year. I personally think it looks great when it is done properly. There has been concern whether it is difficult or not for curly girls to get this hair do. Some hairstylists convince their clients that they should pick a different hairstyle because it is too hard to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged. There is always a way. Either find another stylist who is skilled enough in doing ombre’s or practice the art yourself 😉

Social media sites like youtube have made it easy for lay people to learn techniques just by watching a video. Hair tutorials can be found all over the place. The ombre is now another thing that can be learned in a few minutes and then be put to use. You save money and time. But be aware that certain videos are made by people who are not experienced, and following these steps may result in sever hair damage. The ombre requires the use of hair bleach, which can be very damaging. You must pay special attention to how you apply the bleach and how long it is applied for. If you decide to do the ombre on your own, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients that are in the products. Dip dying is a new trend that is an easier process than the full on color process. It is inexpensive and takes a shorter time.  For a step by step process in how to do the dip dye Ombre cick here Ombre Dip Dye 

Cuts and hairstyles that will make you look like a chic rockstar

I’ve heard plenty of times that I could never get my hair cut in layers because my hair would look too puffy and wild. What I noticed was that all the hairstylists that were telling me this were straight haired women who probably have trouble cutting curly hair. It is difficult to detect the length of our hair when it is shriveled up. And as we know, there might be some curls that are tighter than others. Another reason why they might be saying this is that there are some cuts LOOK wrong because the shape of the layers are WRONG.

Ladies, this “no layer” concept is is a myth. Layers can accentuate your look adding more shape and volume. Layers are perfect for both short and long hair. The shorter layered look is called a bob. This particular look is better for round, square, and oval shaped heads. Although it is a beautiful look, not all girls can pull it off. Here is an example of a bob.


With this type of cut, there is no need to spend hours of styling your hair because this in itself is a great look to show off. The girls who are able to pull this look off should be proud because not a lot can.