How to grow longer hair

tumblr_mafya2c3Sp1qcru4eo1_1280Some of us curly girls are fortunate enough to grow long hair, but some curly girls struggle getting the length that they want. It is like your hair has reached a limit of growth which it cannot pass. Do you think life has given you the “short” end of the stick. Understand that every person has a “terminal length.” Hair grows for a certain amount of time before it falls out (about 7 years). People’s hair grows at different speeds, which results in different hair lengths. If you notice that your hair always stops growing after it has hit a certain length, then this is your terminal length.

On the other hand, hair growth can be stumped by other factors. Your hair is capable of growing more without the annoyance of constant split ends, which you have to cut. Another factor might be that you find it hard to properly care for it. I’m here to tell you there are many things you can do┬áto achieve long beautiful curls.

1. As i mentioned before, make sure to keep your hair well moisturized. Condition well while hair is wet. In my previous posts I explain how shampooing your hair too frequently can strip the natural oils in your hair. Continue to follow my advice. If needed, wash your hair with only conditioner on the days you go without shampooing.

2. Avoid damaging products. If you really want to start the journey to getting longer hair you must avoid straightening or dying it. This can dry your hair and give you split ends. If you absolutely need to straighten your hair, restrict it to only a few times a month. Check out my post about naturally curly hair and professional hairstyles to learn how to style your hair naturally.

3. Trim your hair only when necessary. It is a myth that cutting makes hair grow faster. Trims are only beneficial for the health of your hair if you need to cut split ends. In the event that split ends do appear, you are fine trimming 1/4 or 1/2 an inch.

4. Use treatments like hair masks (check out Hair masks)” to replenish the moisture in your hair. Use coconut or olive oil for the ends of your hair because the oils in your scalp do not reach the ends.

5. Eat healthy and take vitamins. Drink enough water!