Put these in your mouth and you’ll like what you see!

A balanced diet is the source for healthy living. Just like any other part of your body, your hair’s health depends on what you decide to eat. Your damaged hair can easily be the result of a malnutritioned diet. Lisa Dryer, a New York nutritionist explains that the nutrients you eat is what fortifies your hair follicles and the scalp that surrounds it (Healthy foods WebMD). An article in WebMD “Top ten foods for healthy hair” says “If you eat a balanced, varied, protein-rich diet that focuses on [healthy foods], you’ll be giving your hair the TLC it needs and deserves.”

Of course, there is no miracle nutrient that will magically give you perfect hair. There are other factors that can contribute to undesirable hair, such as hormonal deficiencies, smoking habits, stress, and lack of sleep. But knowing this, don’t underestimate the power of your diet. According to nutritionists here are the best foods that can help you on your journey to healthy hair:

1. Salmon

Contains omega-3 fatty acids

2. Walnuts

Contain Omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E, Copper

3. Oysters

Contains zinc

4. Sweet Potatoes

Contains beta carotene

5. Eggs

Contains zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron

6. Spinach

Contains iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C

7. Lentils

Contains protein, iron, zinc, and biotin

8. Greek yogurt

Contains vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid — an ingredient you’ll often see on hair care product labels), and vitamin D

9. Blueberries

Contains Vitamin C

This post was made possible by http://www.webmd.com/beauty/hair-styling/top-10-foods-for-healthy-hair?page=3


Milk Treatment


I found this great milk treatment from a fellow Curly girl’s blog called WeLoveCurls. Here are her words regarding the milk mask..

“Hey Girls! just giving you guys a really great info for a weekend hair treatment: MILK!. Every now and then i do this and its reeally great for my hair.

Coconut milk is rich in protein and fatty acids, which makes it great for conditioning, strengthening and minimizing hair breakage. It also protects you hair from the UV damage of constant sun exposure. Personally, I’ve loved using coconut milk on my hair during the summer because it has been great for restoring shine and softness to my beach hair

-Choose any curly hair mask you want (Be sure to apply to freshly clean hair/scalp).

-Put 2 tablespoons of normal milk (or coconut milk)

-1 tablespoon of Honey (it really makes the mask stronger and to seal all your hair) = comboo!

Just mix it all and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and if you want, to make a more even better combo, finish with your conditioner of preference and style as usual.

Tell me how it went and if you love it or not! 😀 Just did it today and reminded me how shiny my hair issss.”


Here’s a tip to get the natural curly look

For the girls who need a quick fix in accomplishing nice defined curls, I am going to teach you how to style your hair so that your curls look natural, but spectacular at the same time. This tutorial is for the girls who know that their pretty curls are in there somewhere but they are being disguised by frizz, flatness, and other things that are keeping it from looking its best. Remember, just like any other hairstyle that you do not wake up with every day, this is TEMPORARY. (At least until you obtain healthy curls, which is only achieved with proper care). The healthier your hair gets the less styling products you will need to use. But for now, here is a trick to making your curls look great.

After washing apply either styling gel, mousse, or both all over your hair, making sure that you evenly disburse it. The gel will keep your curls tight and will take away frizz. I add a mousse on top of the gel because it makes my hair a bit softer and it prevents it from becoming too hardened. After adding the gel and mousse, I scrunch my hair so that every strand is curly. Some of us curly girls tend to have straight hair when our hair is wet. Scrunching it will give you nice curls. For my preference, I put a little bit of volume hair spray because I like my curls to look full. After applying the products blow dry your entire hair until it is fully dry.

Clear hair therapy works for me!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had trouble with thinning hair from using damaging products. I found that all the products I was using in my hair such as gels, mousse, and hair sprays, were destroying my hair follicles. I was not ready to completely change my hair routine because at the time I needed all those products to make my hair look at least half descent. I eagerly searched for products that would give me volume. I wondered whether my shampoo and conditioner at the time was adding on to the problem. This thought came into my head because there was a period where I stopped using my usual shampoo and conditioner and decided to try something new. While I was using the new shampoo (Humberto repair treatment) I found that my hair looked much healthier and thicker. Without realizing that the reason of improvement was the change in shampoo and conditioner, I resorted back to my old choice of shampoo. My hair began to look as it did before: dry, thin, and without any life! It was then when I decided to venture out again, only this time it would be for good.

As I was shopping for new products I came across the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy. I had seen the commercials on T.V and wanted to give it a try. Clear was made to work at the scalp, which is where my problem lied. Thinning hair stems from damage in your hair follicles. From the first day I started using Clear, I could feel the difference. First off, the smell is delightful. It reminds me of the shampoos that are used at hair salons. After using it for about a week or two, I was able to see a lot more shine in my hair (a plus for us curly girls that have dry hair.) The texture in my hair also improved; it is much softer and easier to handle. And last but definitely not least, my hair is much fuller. I love this product and I highly recommend it!


Stop washing your hair!

When it comes to washing curly hair less is more. Hairstylists agree that when you wash your hair too frequently it can lead to unwanted effects. the ingredients in shampoos and conditioners can dry hair. This is something we already struggle with on the daily basis. There is no reason to add onto our pain. You may think that there is no rationality to leaving your hair dirty, but in fact, washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural oils.

if you have really thick hair, you can go without washing it for a week. Like me, if you have fine curls you should wash your hair every other day or a couple days a week. On the days that you go without shampooing, you can rinse your hair with water. If you just have to use something to smooth it up, u should use moisturizing products that contain shea butter, olive oil, pal oil, or avocado oil.

Allure “Beauty Expert” says “We like Aveda Be Curly shampoo. It contains a blend of aloe and wheat protein that retracts around ringlets as they dry to help fight frizz.” This is a great choice for curly hair because it has in it natural ingredients that will prevent excess dryness. It also successfully removes oil and build up.


Thinning Hair? No worries, Hair masks can be your next best friend.

One of the most horrific things to witness is the sight of balding or thinning hair. It is natural and healthy to lose about 100 strands of hair a day. But when is it too much? If your finding that you are losing an excess amount of hair, you should be concerned and try to find a solution. Having curly hair comes with the burden of experimenting with various products that might result in damaged hair. Through out the years I have been the victim of damaging products. I used gels, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and many other products that left my hair unbearable.

In searching for perfect hair I was only left to deal with hair that I was embarrassed to show off. I found that my hair was growing increasingly thin. My scalp became evidently more noticeable. It did not take much to see through my hair. After several attempts at trying out remedies for thinning hair, I was disappointed with the lack of improvement I saw. Finally, I came across natural masks that were cost efficient and truly worked. These are easy to make and can be taken straight from your kitchen cabinet. Here is one mask that will work wonders.

Green Tea Hair Mask

Use this treatment three to four times a week to create long, thick and luxurious hair.


  • 2 tablespoons fresh green tea
  • 1 tablespoon mustard powder
  • 1 egg yolk

Mix all ingredients together until you reach a creamy consistency.  If it becomes too thick, add more green tea.


Part hair down the center and apply mixture. Cover hair with a shower cap or cling wrap. Leave in for approximately 15 to 25 minutes. Your head will feel slightly warm, as the mustard helps to increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo and condition as normal

Curls worst enemy!

The struggles of having curly hair can sometimes discourage us from properly taking care of it. Do you ever find yourself settling for products which you know are not healthy for your hair but you use them anyways? Ladies, even though we cannot use just any product on the market, there is still hope. Our curls are both a blessing and a curse. When it behaves we get to have beautiful perfect locks. When our hair goes against our wishes, we want nothing to do with it. You may be damaging your hair more than you think when you use products that are not suited for curly hair.

Do not be fooled by advertisements that claim that their products are for all hair types. Although there are a few products that work for both straight and curly hair, you must pay attention to the ingredients so that you know what benefits it can have for you hair. Instead of worrying about hair brands, it is best to take some time to look at the labels. If you want to avoid dry and flat hair, you should stay away from products that have silicone in them. Silicone in curly hair products produce build up in you hair and scalp because they are not able to dissolve in water. Here are a list of silicones to stay away from.73224086(1)1. Cetearyl Methicone 

2. Cetyl Dimethicone 

3. Dimethicone

4. Dimethiconol

5. Stearyl Dimethicone

Post inspired by Naturally Curly http://http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/products-ingredients/10-silicones-in-curly-hair-products-to-avoid

Cuts and hairstyles that will make you look like a chic rockstar

I’ve heard plenty of times that I could never get my hair cut in layers because my hair would look too puffy and wild. What I noticed was that all the hairstylists that were telling me this were straight haired women who probably have trouble cutting curly hair. It is difficult to detect the length of our hair when it is shriveled up. And as we know, there might be some curls that are tighter than others. Another reason why they might be saying this is that there are some cuts LOOK wrong because the shape of the layers are WRONG.

Ladies, this “no layer” concept is is a myth. Layers can accentuate your look adding more shape and volume. Layers are perfect for both short and long hair. The shorter layered look is called a bob. This particular look is better for round, square, and oval shaped heads. Although it is a beautiful look, not all girls can pull it off. Here is an example of a bob.


With this type of cut, there is no need to spend hours of styling your hair because this in itself is a great look to show off. The girls who are able to pull this look off should be proud because not a lot can.


Palmer’s Olive Oil GRO Therapy works wonders for dry curly hair!

Palmer’s Olive Oil GRO Therapy works wonders for dry curly hair!

I love, love, love, this product! This is a must have that should be stocked on your shelves at all times. This Olive Oil Formula is great at combating dry hair (that means all us curly girls). “This therapeutic balm restores … Continue reading