Put these in your mouth and you’ll like what you see!

A balanced diet is the source for healthy living. Just like any other part of your body, your hair’s health depends on what you decide to eat. Your damaged hair can easily be the result of a malnutritioned diet. Lisa Dryer, a New York nutritionist explains that the nutrients you eat is what fortifies your hair follicles and the scalp that surrounds it (Healthy foods WebMD). An article in WebMD “Top ten foods for healthy hair” says “If you eat a balanced, varied, protein-rich diet that focuses on [healthy foods], you’ll be giving your hair the TLC it needs and deserves.”

Of course, there is no miracle nutrient that will magically give you perfect hair. There are other factors that can contribute to undesirable hair, such as hormonal deficiencies, smoking habits, stress, and lack of sleep. But knowing this, don’t underestimate the power of your diet. According to nutritionists here are the best foods that can help you on your journey to healthy hair:

1. Salmon

Contains omega-3 fatty acids

2. Walnuts

Contain Omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E, Copper

3. Oysters

Contains zinc

4. Sweet Potatoes

Contains beta carotene

5. Eggs

Contains zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron

6. Spinach

Contains iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C

7. Lentils

Contains protein, iron, zinc, and biotin

8. Greek yogurt

Contains vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid — an ingredient you’ll often see on hair care product labels), and vitamin D

9. Blueberries

Contains Vitamin C

This post was made possible by http://www.webmd.com/beauty/hair-styling/top-10-foods-for-healthy-hair?page=3


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