Palmer’s Olive Oil GRO Therapy works wonders for dry curly hair!

$(KGrHqNHJ!0E9qHLBHDNBPfsQp8Dkg~~60_35I love, love, love, this product! This is a must have that should be stocked on your shelves at all times. This Olive Oil Formula is great at combating dry hair (that means all us curly girls). “This therapeutic balm restores softness and manageability and leaves hair silky with a long lasting sheen.”

With its natural ingredients (Blends of Nettle Extract, Sage, and Hyssop, Keratin, soy protein, Extra Virgin Oil and Vitamin E) this product inevitably nourishes the hair and scalp to provide full, soft, moistened hair.Olive oil has many anti oxidants to keep hair looking youthful. With an added GRO therapy, this formula establishes a strong foundation for the increase of hair growth. This is particularly good for thinning hair that is the result of using harmful products.

You can use this Olive Oil Formula in many ways. It can be used as heat protection, applying throughout the hair before blow drying, flat ironing, etc. It can be used for extra moisture when hair feels dry. It is also great for Up-do hairstyles providing a smooth finish. Lastly, the one I like the most is being able to apply it to my natural curls to give it a bit of shine when I want to leave my hair out.


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