Find out what your hair type is

First and foremost we must identify what type of curl pattern we have in order to take advantage of hair products that will work best for each of us. No curl is the same. This guide will help you create a hair profile that will assist you in determining the needs of your hair. Our hair type is full bodied, climate dependent, and prone to damage. Lack of proper care results in dull lifeless curls.  Understanding your hair type will render in healthy beautiful locks.


taylor-swift-singer-songwriter-producer-blonde-girl-2048x2048 This curl type shows a definite loopy “S” pattern. These curls are usually big, loose, and well defined. Generally, this type of hair is straight while wet but quickly shrivels up as it dries. Twirly hair can be straightened easily with a blow dryer. Girls with this curl pattern can use a variety of styling products to achieve curl formation and definition.

Recommended products: Goldwell dynamic loop curl spray, Moroccan Oil intense curling crème, Herbal essence totally twisted mousse


images These curls are tighter then twirly curls. It is bouncy with a lot of definition. The “S” pattern is more like a lower case s rather than an uppercase S, meaning the curls have a smaller circumference. These curls can be straightened fairly easily as well. There are several products that can be used to style this hair type, but beware that certain hair products that work for twirly hair might not do any justice for this type of hair. Go with products that provide moisture.

Recommended products: Goldwell dynamic loopy curl spray, Bamboo moisture mask,


Spike TV's 5th Annual 2011 "Guys Choice" Awards - Arrivals This curl type is considered “kinky” or very tightly screwed. These curls are smaller with much of its length being hidden and compacted. If you were to pull a curl and release it, it will immediately bounce back. Out of all the curly hair types this is the one which requires most management. You should use stylers that provide a lot of moisture like creams, oils, and hair milk masks.

Recommended products: Bumble and Bumble curl conscious curl crème, bamboo moisture mask

This post was written inspired by personal knowledge and other helpful sites like and


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