Curly Girl Drama

Was I the only curly haired girl who used to wish for straight hair? I imagined life would be so much easier. Before I ever knew how to take care of my hair I was annoyed with my curls because the up keep was so tedious. I would have to put a vigorous amount of conditioner so that my hair would be easy to comb. It was like my hair would not cooperate unless I had several tools to tame it. I envied the girl who could just come out the shower and walk out the door all ready to go.

At last there came a point where I learned how to make my curls work in my favor. I began to love my hair and take pride in the voluptuous locks that I was born with. I noticed that even though we may have to do a bit more than the average straight haired girl, we can take advantage of the hairstyles that look spectacular on us. Besides, if we get tired of our curls, we can always straighten them!

Curls Are Beautiful!


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